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Totally: Cracking Codes by Diana Kimpton and Mike PhillipsCracking Codes
by Diana Kimpton and Mike Phillips

First the ancient Greeks hid messages under their hair Then Mary Queen of Scots completely lost her head because of a cracked code. Now computers create codes no human can crack. This revealing guide gives you the key to unlock the secret languages of spies. Get on the case to discover how to decipher dots and dashes, fathom flags, and suss a simple cipher. Find out how codes shaped history, won wars and could even help us talk to aliens. PLUS try your hand at code making and code-breaking. Will you crack under pressure?

ISBN: 978 1407 11456 9. Paperback. £5.99


Totally: Crafty Crime-Busting by Rachel WrightCrafty Crime-Busting
by Rachel Wright

Crafty Crime-Busting is the indispensable crime-solving guide that no aspiring sleuth should be without. Tomorrow's Poirots and Miss Marples will learn how to dust for dabs, spot disguised handwriting, discover how maggots can convict a criminal and lots more! It's all in ... Totally Crafty Crime-Busting!

ISBN: 978 1407 11452 1. Paperback. £5.99

Totally: Triffic Chocolate by Alan MacDonaldTriffic Chocolate
by Alan MacDonald

Ever wanted to know...
• Who banned chocolate and started a war?
• Why murderers liked chocolate?
• Why chocolate is GOOD for your teeth?

It's all in Totally Triffic Chocolate!

ISBN: 978 1407 11203 9. Paperback. £5.99


Totally: Crashing Computers by Michael ColemanCrashing Computers
by Michael Coleman

Get logged on with Crashing Computers, the interactive story of the computer from its three-ton inception to the palm-top that gets lost down the back of the sofa. Includes answers to all the questions every user has ever wondered about, including why computers crash - and is your computer really cleverer than you?

ISBN: 978 1407 10833 9. Paperback. £4.99


Totally: Riotous Robots by Dr Mike GoldsmithRiotous Robots
by Dr Mike Goldsmith

Riotous Robots are taking over the world. First they were a figment of our imaginations. Then they started to replace large numbers of people in factories. Now they're doing our housework and performing brain-surgery (though not at the same time). Meet a robot that's forced to snack on slugs for a living and a robo-alligator that works as a scarecrow. This is an updated cybernetic guide like no other!

ISBN: 978 1407 10946 6. Paperback. £4.99


Totally: Gobsmacking Galaxy by Kjartan PoskittGobsmacking Galaxy
by Kjartan Poskitt

This gobsmacking guide provides mind-boggling information about our galaxy and beyond. Embark on a grand tour of the solar system, go skiing on Mars and meet the sad creature from Pluto. Plus, incredible facts about red giants, white dwarves and supernovas.

ISBN: 978 1407 10834 6. Paperback. £4.99


Totally: Dead Dinosaurs by Martin OliverDead Dinosaurs
by Martin Oliver

In Totally Dead Dinosaurs, learn about some of the most amazing animals that have ever existed. Featuring the mysteries that palaeontologists are dying to solve, dinosaur disasters, and rotten relics like dino-dung. Plus cool cartoons and quirky quizzes.

ISBN: 978 1407 10945 9. Paperback. £4.99


Totally: Awesome Archaeology by Nick ArnoldAwesome Archaeology
by Nick Arnold

Dig into the awesome world of archaeology to discover sinister tombs, sunken wrecks and hidden caves. This dead interesting guide has bucketfuls of archaeological facts and hilarious cartoons!

ISBN: 978 1407 10832 2. Paperback. £4.99


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