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Puppy Place  
by Ellen Miles  

Puppy Place 10: Noodle by Ellen Miles10: Noodle
A new puppy to love in every story. Noodle is about as cute as a puppy can get. Can Jack and Lizzie help this golden doodle - half golden retriever, half poodle - find a home, or has their luck finally run out?

ISBN: 978 1407 10604 5. Paperback. £3.99


Puppy Place 9: Pugsley by Ellen Miles9: Pugsley
Pugsley is adorable but he didn't earn the nickname Mr Pest for nothing and his owners decide he's too much of a handful to keep! Will Jack and Lizzie work out how to get Pugsley to behave and find him a forever home?

ISBN: 978 1407 10603 8. Paperback. £3.99


Puppy Place 8: Patches by Ellen Miles8: Patches
A new puppy to love in every story. Poor little Patches has been left tied up in a garage all by himself. His owners seem to care ABOUT Patches, but they don't know how to care FOR him. And it's up to Jack and Lizzie to show them!

ISBN: 978 1407 10602 1. Paperback. £3.99


Puppy Place 8: Scout by Ellen Miles7: Scout
Scout is a gorgeous German Shepherd puppy with all the skills to be a search and rescue dog. Can Jack and Lizzie find her a home that will help her reach her full potential?

ISBN: 978 1407 10601 4. Paperback. £3.99


Puppy Place 6: Flash by Ellen Miles 6: Flash
A new puppy to love in every story.

Flash is a country dog. He loves to run and chase! Jack and Lizzie need to find a very special home for a very special puppy...

ISBN: 978 1407 10336 5. Paperback. £3.99

Puppy Place 5: Buddy by Ellen Miles   5: Buddy
A new puppy to love in every story.

Lizzie and Jack are fostering a whole family of dogs, but then little Buddy falls ill. He’s so sweet and helpless! How will the poorly puppy find a home?

ISBN: 978 1407 10335 8. Paperback. £3.99

Puppy Place 4: Rascal by Ellen Miles 4: Rascal
Rascal may be small, but he's full of mischief! Lizzie and Jack are in for a challenge. Will they be able to find someone who can care for this pesky little puppy?

ISBN: 978 0439 95530 0. Paperback. £3.99


Puppy Place 3: Shadow by Ellen Miles3: Shadow
When the Petersons meet Shadow, they know he's very special. Everyone agrees that Shadow will be the perfect puppy for someone. But who will be the perfect owner for him?

ISBN: 978 0439 94463 2. Paperback. £3.99


Puppy Place 2: Snowball2: Snowball
Welcome to the Puppy Place - where every puppy finds a home.The Peterson family hear about Snowball - a fluffy puppy somebody left in a tattered box at a petrol station. Snowball is sick and hungry. He needs a family of his own. Can Jack and Lizzie find one that is just right?

ISBN: 9780439951401. Paperback. £3.99


Puppy Place 1: Goldie1: Goldie
A cute and cuddly new animal series with a whole litter of different puppies to fall in love with. Goldie's a gorgeous golden retriever pup ... but she doesn't know how to behave like a good dog yet. Will Jack and Lizzie be able to help her?

ISBN: 9780439951395. Paperback. £3.99


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