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Jamie Johnson  
by Dan Freedman  
Jamie Johnson: Final Whistle by Dan FreedmanFinal Whistle
It's the final whistle for Jamie Johnson! After leading Scotland to near-victory in the World Cup, Jamie has landed his ultimate dream job: playing for one of the best teams in the world, Barcelona. But when disaster strikes and his days of football glory feel like a distant memory, Jamie's future will begin exactly where everything first kicked off... Join Jamie Johnson in his last adrenaline-fuelled adventure, which captures all the intense highs and lows of the beautiful game!

ISBN: 978 1407 11144 5. Paperback. £5.99

Jamie Johnson: World Class by Dan FreedmanWorld Class
by Dan Freedman

It's the big one! The World Cup Finals beckon for Jamie Johnson but first he must answer a huge question: Which country will he play for?

With brand new characters and all the trademark jaw-dropping footy action, Dan Freedman and Jamie Johnson return on very top form for the fifth book in the series.

ISBN: 978 1407 13479 6. Paperback. £5.99

Jamie Johnson: Man of the Match by Dan FreedmanMan of the Match
Jamie Johnson starts the season on fire. He's playing for his beloved Hawkstone – and he's the top scorer in the country. But when a rival from an Italian club joins his team, everything changes. Jamie's temper gets the better of him, and he's sent on loan to a much smaller club. Will Jamie be able to make it back into the big time - or has he blown his chances for good?

ISBN: 978 1407 13058 3. Paperback. £5.99


Jamie Johnson: Born to Play by Dan FreedmanWORLD BOOK DAY
Jamie Johnson: Born to Play
The fast-paced prequel to the best-selling The Kick Off. Jamie Johnson is eleven and having a tough time. Bullies won't let him play football at break, his best mate is at another school, and he even gets picked on for not having a dad. But everything changes when Jamie realizes his football skills can take him further than he thought...

ISBN: 978 0956 28777 9. Paperback. £1.00


Golden Goal by Dan FreedmanGolden Goal
Jamie's dreams of becoming a professional footballer seem to be coming true after years of hoping and practising. But, just when he's close to living the dream, a shocking event turns his world upside down. He's never been a quitter, but can he rise to the toughest challenge of his life? The third book in Jamie Johnson’s gripping series.

ISBN: 978 1407 11605 1. Paperback. £5.99

Shoot to Win Shoot to Win
Jamie Johnson can't believe his luck. He's playing for Kingfield School in the Cup Semi-Final and scouts from his favourite club, Hawkstone United, are coming to watch! But Jamie's hopes of a professional career still have a long way to go...

ISBN: 978 1407 11612 9. Paperback. £5.99

The Kick Off by Dan Freedman The Kick Off
Jamie Johnson’s desperate to become his school’s star football player (and in his dreams, a top professional, too). He’s got so much to prove, and not just on the pitch – so why aren’t his mum, teachers and best mate on his side? The pressure’s on – has Jamie got what it takes?

“True to the game… Dan knows his football.”

Visit www.jamiejohnson.info for lots more information.

ISBN: 978 1407 11613 6. Paperback. £5.99


Golden Goal by Dan FreedmanRead an extract from Golden Goal

Test your football knowledge. See
how many of Dan's football questions you can answer, click here.

Dan Freedman
Click here to read how Dan Freedman's experiences of working with England's best footballers influenced him when writing Golden Goal.

Dan Freedman
Visit Dan's website at:


Click here to read interview with Dan
Shoot to Win
Click here to read interview 2 with Dan

Dan FreedmanFind out even
more about Dan Freedman:

Click here to read Dan's Biography.


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