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Girl Undercover  

by Christine Harris


Girl Undercover 4: Danger by Christine Harris 4: Danger
Jesse must track down a target in a crowded railway station. Time is running out, but the threat turns out to be more sinister than she realizes…

ISBN: 9780439950701. Paperback. £ 4.99


Girl Undercover 3: Nightmare by Christine Harris 3: Nightmare
In the title of this sassy, fast-paced thriller series, child prodigy and secret agent Jesse Sharpe has a new mission: to infiltrate a holiday camp and locate a terrorist mole - before it’s too late.

ISBN: 9780439950695. Paperback. £4.99



Girl Undercover 2: Fugitive by Christine Harris 2: Fugitive
Jesse Sharpe, child prodigy and spy, has a new assignment: a foreign agent is on the loose and C2 are desperate to find him. With her partner still calling her “thumb sucker”, it is time for Jesse to prove herself.

ISBN: 9780439950688. Paperback. £4.99

Girl Undercover 1: Secrets by Christine Harris 1: Secrets
In a brand new sassy thriller 12 year old Jesse Sharpe, child prodigy and reluctant spy, is on her first mission. Jesse must protect a young girl from a kidnap attempt. No problem for a girl trained by secret organization C2 to trail suspects, plant bugs and kick the occasional bad-guy butt. However, can she trust C2 and the information she’s been given? The more she investigates the more she begins to suspect there’s something she hasn’t been told.

ISBN: 9780439950671. Paperback. £4.99


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