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Michael Coleman  
questions and answers

Foul Football by Michael Coleman
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1. Where did you get your idea to write books about football and the World Cup?

Would-be authors are advised to write about what they know, So, as I've always been a football fan, I did!

Foul Football2. Who is your favourite footballer?

Trevor (now Sir Trevor) Brooking. Our school was near neighbours and I played against him a couple of times. He must have picked up a few tips because he went on to star for ...
3. What football team do you support?

... West Ham!
4. Are you a good footballer yourself and did you ever dream of becoming a famous player?

I wasn't bad. I was captain of my county team (Essex) and had trials for an England Schoolboys team. And yes, of course I dreamt of becoming a famous player.  
5. Did you like school and what was your favourite subject?

I enjoyed school most of the time - especially games time and play time! Apart from anything sporty my favourite subjects were Maths and Physics.
6. Who was your favourite author/illustrator when you were a child? Foul Football

Author: Enid Blyton

Illustrator: whoever drew the pictures for 'Roy of the Rovers' in the 'Tiger' comic.
7. What books do you enjoy reading?

Nowadays, just about anything - from science to thrillers. I'm usually reading three or four at once (but not at the same time!)

8. Why did you want to become a writer? and ... How did your writing career begin?

I didn't, not at first. I used to teach computer science at a university and my first book was a boring one about computers. I livened it up by putting a few jokes in. At the end I thought I'd try writing a few more things, but this time forgetting about the computers and concentrating on the jokes. After lots of failures I realised that youngsters enjoy jokes more than adults and started writing for them. Eighty books later, I'm still doing it.

9. What is a typical day for you?

Start at 9 am and finish at 5 pm - but with lots and lots and lots of breaks in between.

Foul Football10. What advice would you give to want-to-be-authors?

Write the sort of thing you enjoy reading yourself. That way the chances are that others will enjoy reading it too - and if they don't at least you have had some fun! 

11. Which of your own books do you like best and why?

I write both fact and fiction. The Foul Football series are favourite fact books, simply because they're about football. On the fiction side, I'm just finishing a trilogy called The Bearkingdom. They're dark and scary, quite different to anything I've written before.

12. How long does it take to write your books?

It varies. A Foul Football book takes between 4-6 months divided between finding the facts, sorting them out, writing the words ... and thinking up the awful jokes!

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