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Anita Ganeri  


Anita Ganeri was born in Calcutta, India, but attended both primary and secondary school here in England. 

Anita GaneriAnita lives in the north of England with her husband, son, a cat and three dogs. She enjoys finishing her work on time and in her spare time she loves playing tennis and watching Neighbours - not at the same time though! 

Anita has spent many years working for publishers both as an editor and a foreign rights manager, and in her years as an author she has had a staggering 100+ books published!

She has been made a Fellow of The Royal Geographical Society where she carries out a great deal of research, looking for weird and wonderful things to write about in her Horrible Geography books.

Horrible Geography by Anita GaneriAnita’s Horrible Geography series has won the Geographical Association’s ‘Silver Award’, a highly desired and prestigious award that any geographical writer would give their right arm for!

Anita is currently in the process of building her own website and will post details here when it's ready. Apparently she keeps getting sidetracked by Horrible Geography so she's not sure when it will be finished!"

Horrible Geography: Desperate Deserts & Bloomin Rainforests Horrible Geography: Raging Rivers & Odious Oceans Horrible Geography: Violent Volcanoes

Visit the Horrible Geography Book Zone

Check out Anita's new website, at www.anitaganeri.co.uk


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'The collections of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) were used to research some of the details in these books. It is stimulating to see them used in such an inspirational way. GEOGRAPHY HAS NEVER BEEN SUCH FUN BEFORE.'
Judith Mansell
Education Officer RGS - IBG


Click here to read an interview with Anita Ganeri about her experiences and the wonderful world of geography.

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